Picked Natural Compound Catalogue

Thanks for the steady assist on  TargetMol. I am creating introducing our newly classified organic item catalogue, where all of the ingredients are sourced from the excellent assortment of vegetation types.

Normal merchandise possess huge structural and compound diversity that is certainly unsurpassed by any man made libraries. Additionally, they represent the wealthiest source of novel molecular scaffolds and chemistry. It can be believed that natural products are significantly underrepresented in present tiny molecule libraries.

We at  TargetMol readies this specific selected organic product library, including 332 compounds produced by 165 herb varieties. The following is area of the checklist that contains the detailed information of your ingredients in the library.



Pimpinella anisum T2739Shikimic Acid solutionOther folks

Plumbagin T2841PlumbaginQuinones

Fraxetin T2909FraxetinPhenylpropanoids

Formononetin T0724FormononetinFlavonoids

Echinacoside T1716EchinacosideGlycosides

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